Spiritual Gifts

Take a look below for the definition, characteristics and biblical examples of each of your top five gifts and learn how you can start using them to serve God and others. 

Wisdom / Discernment / Knowledge

These gifts focus on making wise decisions, offering advice, recognizing truth or error in a message, and communicating God’s truth in a way that promotes honesty and understanding.

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Giving is joyfully supporting and funding various kingdom initiatives through material contributions beyond tithing.

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Teaching / Evangelism

These gifts focus around communicating sound doctrine in relevant ways and sharing the love of Christ with others.

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Pastoring / Shepherding

Pastoring/Shepherding is taking spiritual responsibility for a group of believers and equipping them to live Christ-centered lives.

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Hospitality is providing others with a warm and welcoming environment for community.

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Miracles / Healing / Prophecy / Tongues

These gifts involve supernatural acts, restoring health to the sick or hurting, offering prophetic messages from God, and speaking or interpreting God’s message in an unknown language.

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Faith is defined as stepping out in faith in order to see God’s purposes accomplished, trusting him to handle any and all obstacles along the way.

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Leadership / Apostle / Administration

These gifts involve casting vision, stimulating spiritual growth, applying strategies, launching ministry ventures, and effectively organizing resources and people to achieve God’s purposes.

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Exhortation / Encouragement

Encouragement is helping others live God-centered lives through inspiration, encouragement, counseling and empowerment.

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Mercy is ministering to those who suffer physically, emotionally, spiritually or relationally.

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Service / Helps

Those with the gift of service/helps offer others assistance in reaching goals that glorify God.

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