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We’re still gathering online Sundays at 9 & 11 am.
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Welcome to Eagle Brook Kids

We want kids to know about a God who created them, loves them, and is with them every day. Everything they experience at a Kids service helps to do just that—from snack time to storytime.

Everything you need to have church at home is right here. Keep scrolling!

Welcome to Kid-O-Deo!

Kid-O-Deo | Birth-Kindergarten

Kid-O-Deo is a place where kids get to play, hear a Bible story, make friends, and be encouraged by adult leaders to make wise decisions. By partnering with parents, kids learn what it means to be lifelong followers of Jesus.

Elevate | Grades 1-5

In Elevate, kids have a place where they can make the decision to have a real relationship with Jesus and grow in their faith. They have a fun time learning about God with music and dynamic teaching designed just for them.

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Church at Home

Even in this COVID-19 season, church is still happening—at home! Here’s everything you need to have a Kid-O-Deo or Elevate experience wherever you are. Just watch the video with your kids and follow the Church at Home guide.

  • Preschool
  • Preschool

    Bible Reading Plan

    Discussion Questions
    1. Who gave bread and fish to Jesus in our Bible Adventure?
      (A young boy)
    2. What are some things we could give to help others?
      (Food, toys, clothes, money)

    As a family, brainstorm some ways that you could give this week. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

    • Donate clothes or toys that are no longer used.
    • Bring food to a food shelf.
    • Have a lemonade stand and give the money away to help others.
    • Bring some cookies to a neighbor to brighten their day.
    The Point

    We can all give to share God’s love. When we give things to people who need them or give to help the church, God does amazing things with what we give.


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  • Elementary
  • Elementary
    Try This At Home Video:

    Watch Here


    Have Some Fun

    Try making your own home movie! You could tell a Bible story, something that happened to your family, or a story that you made up. You could do stop-motion like Chris did in the Try This At Home video, act out what happened, or find another creative way to tell your story.


    Think About It

    Read through each of these three scenarios and talk about how you could practice integrity in each of them.

    • As you and your friend leave the store, you notice that they pick up a bag of candy and don’t pay for it. What could you do to make a wise choice and practice integrity?
    • You told an embarrassing story about yourself and one of your friends. Later, your friend is angry because they thought that story was a secret. What can you do to choose wisely and practice integrity?
    • You don’t really know Will, but you see other kids picking on him every day. He doesn’t do much about it and doesn’t talk to anyone. How could you make a wise choice and act with integrity?


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    Eagle Brook Kids on YouTube

    Additional Information

    Safety and Security

    All Kids volunteers and staff are background-checked and trained before they start volunteering—so know that your kids are in safe hands.

    Every weekend at Kids Check-In, your family is assigned a random, three-digit alpha-numeric code that is on your child’s name tag and your security tag. This same code will be displayed in the auditorium in the event that your child needs you. You will use your security tag to pick up your child in their classroom after the service.

    Well-Child Policy
    If your kid feels sick at home, they'll feel sick at church. We want all of our kids to remain healthy and happy, so we ask that kids be kept at home if they're not feeling well. We'll be very excited to see them the following week!

    Special Needs Assistance

    We have trained, background-checked volunteers who come alongside kids with various special needs, ages birth-grade 5, so they may participate and enjoy God and others to their fullest potential within weekend Kids services.

    If you believe your child would benefit from additional support in Kid-O-Deo, check out our special needs assistance page and find out how we can serve you and your family.

    Parent/Child Dedication

    Parent/Child Dedication is a time of public and personal commitment, where parents make a promise to teach their kids about building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Get all the details on this incredible step below.


    Stay Connected

    Follow along with what's happening in Kids, watch past messages, or email us with comments and questions. We'd love to connect with you!