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We want kids to know about a God who created them, loves them, and is with them every day. Everything they experience at a Kids service helps to do just that—from snack time to storytime.

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Welcome to Kid-O-Deo!

Kid-O-Deo | Birth-Kindergarten

Kid-O-Deo is a place where kids get to play, hear a Bible story, make friends, and be encouraged by adult leaders to make wise decisions. By partnering with parents, kids learn what it means to be lifelong followers of Jesus.

Elevate | Grades 1-5

In Elevate, kids have a place where they can make the decision to have a real relationship with Jesus and grow in their faith. They have a fun time learning about God with music and dynamic teaching designed just for them.

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Church at Home

Even in this COVID-19 season, church is still happening—at home! Here’s everything you need to have a Kid-O-Deo or Elevate experience wherever you are. Just watch the video with your kids and follow the Church at Home guide.

  • Preschool
  • Preschool
    Discussion Questions
    • How did Paul tell people about Jesus in our Bible Adventure? (He talked to them, wrote letters, and shared his own story!)
    • Who could we tell about Jesus? (Everyone! Our families, friends, and neighbors)
    Hands-On Option

    How could you share Jesus' story? Take a look at these pictures, and look up the verses that go with each one. Try talking through what happened in Jesus' story as a family!

    View Pictures

    The Point

    Everyone needs to know Jesus’ story! He loves every person in the world and gives us the challenge to tell others all about Him.

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    March 21/22

    Discussion Questions

    Who was kind to Saul in our Bible Adventure? (Barnabas)
    What are some kind and gentle things we can say? (You’re great!, I’m glad you’re my friend., Great job!)

    Hands-On Activity

    Give each person a building block and have them carefully place them on top of each other. See how high you can build the tower before it falls!

    That time, you were very gentle with your blocks. Now try building the tower again, as fast as you can, without trying to be gentle.

    What happened?

    The Point

    Being kind and gentle with our words and the things we do is an important part of being a good friend and family member. When we were gentle, we could stack a lot more blocks on top of each other. Being kind and gentle to others helps us be good friends to them.

    Check out these fun worship songs!

    I Like To Praise the Lord Every Day

    March 28/29

    Discussion Questions
    • How did Paul and Silas show they had joy in our Bible Adventure? (They sang about God)
    • When is a time you’ve felt joyful or happy?
    Hands-On Activity

    Listen to our Kid-O-Deo songs or other worship songs. Sing and dance about how amazing God is.

    Kid-O-Deo Songs

    The Point

    Joy is like happiness, but joy never ends. We have joy because God loves us so very much and his love never ends. That’s why Paul and Silas praised God, even when their lives were tough. We can always have joy because of God’s love. 

    April 4/5

    Discussion Questions
    • How did Jesus show love in our Bible Adventure?
      (Forgiving and helping others)
    • Who are some people we could show kindness and love
      (Our grown-ups, friends, brothers, and sisters)
    • How could we be kind or loving this week?
      (Sharing, giving gifts, using kind words)
    Hands-On Activity

    Think of different people you’ll see or talk to this week. Will you call a family member or a friend? What about the people in your home? Get a piece of paper and draw each of those people. Talk about a way you could show love to them!

    The Point

    Jesus loves every person in the world! When we forgive, help, and care about others, we are sharing Jesus’ love.

    April 11/12

    Following Jesus

    Is your child ready to make Jesus the leader of their life? Use the guide below to help them begin a relationship with Jesus.

    Guide to Following Jesus

    Discussion Questions
    • What do we celebrate on Easter? (Jesus coming back to life!)
    • Why did Jesus die and come back to life? (To show us that God loves us.)
    Hands-On Option

    Read the Following Jesus booklet together.

    Download the BookLET

    The Point

    Jesus loves every one of you so much! We can follow Jesus every day, and we can share his love with others.

    April 18/19

    Talk About It
    • In our Bible Adventure, we heard how Jesus’ followers met together. What were they called?
      (The Church)
    • What are some of the things we do in church today?
      (Learn about God, sing, and pray)
    • What is your favorite thing about going to church? 
    Hands-On Option
    Supplies needed: a kids puzzle with large pieces. If you don’t have a puzzle, try cutting apart the front of a cereal box into different sized shapes or cut out a puzzle from a regular piece of paper.
    • Do this: Pass out a couple of puzzle pieces to each of your Kid-Os. Keep some for yourself, too. 
    • Say This: This is a puzzle! If I put my piece down, is the puzzle finished yet? No! This piece is only part of the puzzle. The church is kind of like this puzzle; God made every one of us to be a part of the church.
    • Do This: Have each Kid-O add their pieces to the puzzle. Put the whole puzzle together.
    • Say This: We can all do different things because God made us that way! We come together like different pieces of a puzzle. We’re different from each other, but all together we can make something amazing! 
    The Point
    All of us can follow Jesus, pray, learn about God, serve others, and be part of the church! When we’re together with other people who follow Jesus, we get to know God in a new way.

    April 25/26

    Talk About It
    • What does the word “forgive” mean? (To stop being angry about the wrong things someone has done)
    • Who did God forgive in our Bible Adventure story? (Saul)
    Hands-On Option

    Read these forgiveness stories together. Discuss the questions in each story.

    Forgiveness Stories:

    1. Eustace was playing with his cars by himself. But suddenly his brother walked in, interrupted him, and took his favorite car. Eustace yelled and threw his cars against the wall. Was Eustace being forgiving to his brother? (No, he wasn’t forgiving.)
      What could Eustace say to be kind to his brother? (I forgive you.) 
    2. Holly and her friend were eating ice cream when her friend bumped her. Holly dropped her ice cream on the ground. She felt very sad. Her friend said, “I’m sorry!” Holly still felt sad, but she said, “I know it was an accident. I forgive you.” 
      Was Holly practicing forgiveness? (Yes! Holly made a wise choice.)
    3. Ryan’s friend lost a game and got angry. But later, his friend told Ryan he was sorry. 
      How could Ryan be forgiving to his friend? (He could say to him, “I forgive you.”) 
    The Point

    When people do or say wrong things, we don’t have to stay angry at them or do something mean to get them back. We can choose to forgive them the same way that God forgives us.

    May 2/3

    Discussion Questions
    • Who did Peter share God’s love with in our Bible Adventure? (Cornelius)
    • How can we share God’s love with others? (Invite them to church, tell them God loves them, do kind things for them)
    Get Hands-On

    Supplies Needed: Ball

    Sit across from your child. If you have multiple children, sit in a circle. Ask the kids to think about someone they can share God’s love with. It could be a parent, grandparent, friend, sibling, neighbor, or anyone else they can think of! Take the ball and roll it to someone in the circle. When they get the ball, it's their turn to name someone they can share God’s love with. Keep passing the ball around as long as you keep thinking of new people!

    Brainstorm some ways your family could show God’s love to someone this week. Some ideas: writing a card, delivering a meal to someone, calling a grandparent. Pick one or two of the things and do them together! THE POINT God loves everyone so much! God wants us to share his love with our family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone we meet.

    The Point

    God loves everyone so much! God wants us to share his love with our family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone we meet.

    May 9/10

    Discussion Questions
    • How did Lydia serve others in our Bible Adventure story? (She let them meet at her house.)
    • What is something kind someone has done for you?
    Write It Out!
    • Write a thank you note to someone who has served you in some way. (Ideas: someone who works at the grocery store, the mail or package delivery person, a neighbor, or a family member.) Grown-ups can help write the note, and kids can draw pictures or decorate the card. If possible, give the thank you note to the person this week.
    • Think of one way you can serve someone in your family this week. Can you help with the dishes or put away your laundry? Can you draw someone a picture or share something you have with them?
    The Point

    All of us can serve other people. Serving is one way we can share God’s love!

    May 16/17

    Discussion Questions
    • What did Paul tell everyone during the terrible storm in our Bible Adventure? (He said they could trust God and that everyone would be okay.)
    • What do you think “trust” means? (Believing someone, following them even if you don’t know what will happen.)
    Hands-On Option
    • Find a rope, blanket, or towel. Have the kids hold onto the rope with one hand. Lead them around the room with their eyes open. Then lead them around the room again, and tell them to try to keep their eyes closed the whole time.
    The Point

    When you closed your eyes and followed me even though you couldn’t see, you were trusting me. Like that, we can always trust God! He knows what’s best for us, and He knows what’s going to happen even when we don’t.

  • Elementary
  • Elementary

    Look Up and Read Romans 8:28.

    This verse is about how God works everything for good for people who love him.


    That verse doesn't say God will stop anything terrible from happening to us, but it does mean he can make something good come from what we thought was bad.

    How does that work? Have you seen something good come from something you thought was bad?

    Take a Look

    Some plants, like the foxglove in this picture, are poisonous. They would hurt us if we ate them, so it seems like a pretty bad plant. There's an amazing thing about this plant, though—even though it's harmful, it can be used for good. When doctors mix a small amount of the foxglove with just the right things, in exactly the right way, it makes medicine that helps people's hearts. Something good comes from something that seems bad. God can do the same thing.

    Foxglove Picture

    Find It

    What are three things in your home that use a plant in an unexpected way? (example: plant leaves are used in tea!)


    How could God work through something bad or difficult going on in our lives right now to create something good?

    The Point

    Sometimes, people who go through tough things choose to help others going through the same things. The hurt they feel makes them love others and care about them even more. Every part of our lives matters to God. What hurts or feels difficult right now could give us a chance to make a difference in the future.

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    March 21/22

    Questions to Talk About:
      • Bowie and Gabby were arguing, but neither of them was totally right or wrong. Have you ever had an argument like that?
    • What are some things you think are the most important? (You could talk about following Jesus and believing in God.)
    • What are some important things that people disagree about? (You could talk about how causes, like the environment, or political problems are super important, but it’s okay for people to have different opinions and solutions to those problems.)
    • What are some things we might argue about that are less important? (Sports teams, favorite music)
    • Is there an argument you’ve been having with someone that you could let go of today?
    Get Moving!

    Set a basket about five feet away. Have each person take a regular piece of paper and come up with as many ways as you can to get the paper into the basket. You could crumple it and toss it. You could fold it into a paper airplane. What other ways can you try?

    The Point

    It’s good that we all see things a little differently. It’s part of how God made us! Sometimes we disagree with other people because we see things differently than they do. The important thing is: we can disagree with someone and still be friends with that person.

    Check out these fun worship songs!

    Heartbeat Movin’ Me

    March 28/29

    Have Some Fun! 

    Play the game “What’s Inside?” Find a box that you can’t see through. Put something inside, and see if your family can guess what’s in the box, just by shaking it. (Make sure you choose things that can’t break!)

    Questions to Talk About: 
    • Why do you think Bowie and Jesse did annoying and dangerous things for their show? (They’re acting like the shows they watched.)
    • Have you ever wanted to have or do something because of a show you watched? 
    • What are some things you think would be good to fill your heart with? (Good shows and music, verses from the Bible.) 
    Get Moving! 

    Pour water into two different cups. Then, stir a little spoonful of dirt into one of the cups. Can you tell the difference? 

    The water is like good things that we watch and listen to. They help us learn, be kind to others, and become who God made us to be. But some things aren’t good to watch. Just a little bit of dirt, like bad language or hurtful actions, can turn even something good into something hurtful.

    Think about this: If you keep on filling these cups until they overflow, what will come out of them? Good water will come out of the one with clean water. But the one with dirt would overflow with dirty water. It’s like that with us, too. What we watch and listen to comes out of us and affects our words, the things we do, and the people around us. 

    The Point

    The things we watch and listen to affect us. They change what we think about and what we do. That’s why it’s so important to choose what we think about, what fills our minds, our hearts, and our lives.

    Try It Out 

    Try the ideas on this “Fill Your Heart” card to fill your heart with good things this week. 

    April 4/5

    Questions To Talk About
    • What is something God made you good at? How could you use that to show others who God is, and share his love?
    • What might God's purpose be for us right now? How could we do good things for him right where we are?
    • Is there anything you would like God's help with right now?
    Have Some Fun!

    Read 2 Timothy 1:9. God chose us with a purpose, not because of anything we've done, but just because he loves us. God made this whole world, including all of us! He knows so much more than we do, so sometimes, he does things that don't make sense to us.

    Look at each of the close-up images and try to guess what is in the picture!


    Talk About It

    Do you think we can see all of God's purpose for us or just a bit at a time? How is that like these pictures?
    (We can only see a small piece of the pictures like we can only see a small part of our lives, but God sees it all.)

    April 11/12


    If you decided for the first time to follow Jesus, we’d love to connect with you. Fill out the form above with the help of an adult, and we’ll send you some things to help you get started on this amazing journey with Jesus! 

    Questions to Talk About
    • What do you know about Jesus? What are some amazing things He has done?
    • What is something you’ve wondered about God or Jesus?
    • If someone asked you why people follow Jesus, what would you tell them? 
    Look Up and Read Romans 8:37-39.

    These verses are about how nothing can ever separate us from God’s love or stop him from loving us. 


    Did you know that before? How does reading those verses make you feel?  

    Dive Deeper! 

    You can read the Easter story in Matthew 27:32 through the end of chapter 28.

    • Did you notice what happened in 27:51? What did that represent, like we learned about in the Bible story Beka shared?
    • What was the mission Jesus gave his followers at the end of chapter 28? How could we do that today?
    • Has following Jesus made a difference in your life? If yes, how so? How do you think following Jesus might change your life in the future?  
    Have some fun! 

    Try these games with Easter candy (before you eat it all)!  

    Star Stack:
    See how many Starburst you can stack on top of each other in one minute! Once the minute ends, whoever has the most Starbursts stacked wins!  

    M&M Mover:
    Put twenty M&Ms (Skittles work, too) on a plate, and set another empty plate next to it. Grab a straw! See how many candies you can move from one plate to another in one minute! The catch is, you can only pick up the candy by sucking on the straw!

    April 18/19

    Questions to Talk About 
    • What are some things that make a community or group good to be a part of? What does a great community do?
    • What are some “communities” you’re part of? 
    • How could you serve or encourage someone this week, even from a distance? Give it a try! 
    Have Some Fun! 

    Look up and read Romans 12:15-16. These verses are about being good friends and neighbors to others. 

    Being part of the church can help us learn more about God and follow him every day. Take a look at the different communities below. Talk about how each one affects your life, and what it could look like to follow God in each of those communities, even in this difficult time we’re going through.

    + Church

    How do the people at church make a difference in your life? What are you learning from church, even when we can’t go in person? How could we make an impact with our church, even while we’re meeting online? A few ideas:

    • Invite people to watch church online!
    • Treat others kindly.
    • Pray for people.
    + School

    How do the people in your school make a difference in your life, even though we don’t get to see them in person right now? Is there anyone from school you miss seeing right now? How could we make an impact on the lives of people we usually see at school? A few ideas:

    • Choose to have a good attitude, even though school is different and may be more difficult right now.
    • Encourage our teachers—they’re new to teaching online, too!
    + Neighborhood

    How do you think the people in your neighborhood make a difference in your life? How could we make an impact in our neighborhoods? A few ideas:

    • Clean up around our neighborhood!
    • See how our neighbors are doing during this challenging time. Talk to them from a distance and think of kind things we could do for them.
    + Home

    How do the people in your home make a difference in your life? Is there anything difficult about being at home? How could we make an impact on the community in our homes? A few ideas:

    • Listen and respect adults.
    • Forgive others when we need to.
    • Take care of the things that belong to us.

    April 25/26

    Questions to Talk About 
    • What's an example of someone being shown "grace"?
    • How could you show grace to someone this week?
    Dive Deeper

    Read each of the stories about grace below. Partway through, you'll stop and think about what the person in the story deserves. Then you'll read what Jesus actually did for them. Think about ways you can show grace to others, too! 

    1. Zacchaeus was a tax collector, which means he took people's money for a living. He often took more than he was supposed to, just so he would have extra money.

      What do you think Zacchaeus deserves?

      When Jesus met Zacchaeus, he became his friend and went to his house for dinner. He talked with Zacchaeus like any other person and showed that he cared about Zacchaeus. He gave Zacchaeus a second chance.

      (Based on Luke 19:1-10)

    2. Once, Jesus told a story about two people who owed others money. One owed the king a ton of money—ten thousand bags of gold. Wow!

      What do you think the king should do?

      In Jesus' story, the king said he would forgive all of the man's debt. The king would pay it, so the man didn't have to. What amazing grace! The king did something good for the man, even though he didn't deserve it.

      There was more to Jesus' story, though. The man who was forgiven went and found someone who owed him just a few dollars and started being super mean to him, threatening him and saying, "pay me back!" The king found out and was very angry that the man he forgave didn't forgive others, too.

      Jesus was saying that since God shows us grace, we should show grace to others, too.

      (Based on Matthew 18:21-35)

    3. Another time, one of Jesus' closest friends, named Peter, saw Jesus get arrested. Peter knew Jesus hadn't done anything wrong, but he didn't stand up for Jesus or help him. Instead, Peter denied that he had ever met Jesus and ran away.

      What do you think Peter deserved? Would you still be friends with someone who said they never knew you and ran when you needed their help?

      When Jesus met Peter again, he forgave him. He still cared about Peter and gave him another chance.

      (Based on John 21)

    May 2/3

    Questions to Talk About 
    • Have you ever been left out of something? How did you feel?
    • What is a time you could include someone else?

    Look Up and Read 1 John 4:9-11.

    God made each one of us, and he loves us so much. God's love doesn't leave anyone out. Because God's love is meant for everyone, we want to share that love with people who don't know him!

    Virtual Tour

    With an adult's help, look up different places you often go on Google Maps! Start with your school, neighborhood, church building, and then come up with your own ideas. For each place, talk about the people you see there and how you can share God's love with them.

    May 9/10

    Questions to Talk About 
    • What are some things people can be really good at? (A sport, music, listening, serving.)
    • Who is someone you know that is good at each of those things?
    • Who is someone that has made a difference in your life? How did they do that?

    Look Up and Read Romans 12:6-8.

    Those verses say that God gives each of us “gifts.” These aren’t gifts like Christmas or birthday gifts. The gifts God gives us are abilities, things we are really good at, especially things that help us show others God’s love.

    Think About It

    Read about the gifts below and answer the questions.


    Serving means doing something good for someone else, even if we don’t get anything for it. People that are good at serving are always looking for good things they can do for others.

    • Who do you know that is really good at serving others?
    • How could we practice serving others? (one idea: look for good things to do for our families and neighbors)

    Teaching means helping people learn, especially helping them learn more about God. People who are good at teaching can make learning about God fun, interesting, and exciting.

    • Who do you know that is a really good teacher?
    • How could we practice being good teachers? (some ideas: help our younger brothers or sisters learn; learn something new and teach others about it; share Bible stories we’ve learned.)

    Encouraging means pointing out the good things about someone and helping them feel great about themselves. People who are good encouragers are always looking for what’s best about someone.

    • Who do you know that is super encouraging?
    • Who could you encourage this week? (Your parents, friends, a teammate or classmate)

    Leading others means choosing what to do, especially making wise choices. People who are good at leading inspire others to make right choices by making right choices themselves.

    • Who do you know that is a really great leader?
    • How could we practice leading others? (Inviting them to church, choosing to do what’s right, or showing respect.)
    Showing Mercy

    Showing mercy means being kind and forgiving to others. People who are great at showing mercy are kind, listen well, and are ready to forgive and give someone a second chance.

    • Who do you know that is really kind and gives people second chances?
    • Who could we show mercy to? (People who were unkind to us, our brother or sister if they’ve annoyed us, a friend we argued with.)
    The Point to Remember

    There are so many people who use these gifts to care about us and help us, even if we don’t notice them all the time. None of us are good at all of these things, but whatever our gifts are, they are important to God. We can serve God as a pastor, a mechanic, a scientist, a student, a brother, a sister, a parent, a painter, and in whatever else we do, because God made us just the way we are. When we use the gifts God gives us to share his love, we can change the world around us for good!

    May 16/17

    Discussion Questions 
    • What is something you’ve done that took “endurance”? (Something you had to try over and over again to get right.)
    • What’s something you feel like you need endurance for right now?

    Look up and read James 1:2-4.

    These verses are about keeping going through difficult things. They say we can be happy about difficult things because they make us stronger. Having the “strength to continue” is another way of saying “having endurance.”

    Tongue Twisters

    Try saying each of these tongue twisters! Practice each of them several times, until you can say them three times fast.

    • Irish wristwatch.
    • She sells seashells by the seashore.
    • A proper copper coffee pot.
    • Red lorry, yellow lorry.
    • These sheep shouldn’t sleep in a shack; sheep should sleep in a shed.

      Talk About It
    • Was it easier to say the tongue twister the first time, or after practicing it several times?
    • We use endurance to keep running a race, practicing an instrument or art (or even a tongue twister), and going when life gets tough. We can practice doing what’s right, too, and that takes endurance. What are some ways we can keep doing the right things when we disagree with a friend? How could we have endurance if we’ve argued with our parents, and we’re upset?
    The Point

    The reason we can have endurance is that God is always with us. We never have to go through difficult things alone, because He will never leave us.

    Additional Information

    Safety and Security

    All Kids volunteers and staff are background-checked and trained before they start volunteering—so know that your kids are in safe hands.

    Every weekend at Kids Check-In, your family is assigned a random, three-digit alpha-numeric code that is on your child’s name tag and your security tag. This same code will be displayed in the auditorium in the event that your child needs you. You will use your security tag to pick up your child in their classroom after the service.

    Well-Child Policy
    If your kid feels sick at home, they'll feel sick at church. We want all of our kids to remain healthy and happy, so we ask that kids be kept at home if they're not feeling well. We'll be very excited to see them the following week!

    Special Needs Assistance

    We have trained, background-checked volunteers who come alongside kids with various special needs, ages birth-grade 5, so they may participate and enjoy God and others to their fullest potential within weekend Kids services.

    If you believe your child would benefit from additional support in Kid-O-Deo, check out our special needs assistance page and find out how we can serve you and your family.

    Parent/Child Dedication

    Parent/Child Dedication is a time of public and personal commitment, where parents make a promise to teach their kids about building a relationship with Jesus Christ. Get all the details on this incredible step below.


    Stay Connected

    Follow along with what's happening in Kids, watch past messages, or email us with comments and questions. We'd love to connect with you!