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INKED: Some Things Don't Change

What would it be like if we knew there were things we could count on? In a world that is always changing, wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are some things that don’t?

God knew we’d need to know that some promises are forever, so he wrote them down. In ink. Promises like peace, direction, grace, hope, and protection. If you feel like these things are lacking in your life, the promise of them is there in scripture for us to cling to and count on. And these promises are permanent; they last forever.

Text: Get the Message

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could text God your questions about life and get an instant response? It may not come to your cell phone, but He has sent you a message. It’s time we stopped looking at the Bible as a rule book full of old stories and family heritage. It’s so much more. It’s how God speaks to us, equipping and teaching us more about him and the kind of life he desires for us to live.

God, You Want Me To Do What?

Do you ever wonder what God wants from you? Many of us probably have a list of things we believe we should and shouldn’t do, but at the end of the day, what matters most to God?

Life isn’t about working through a to-do list. And God isn’t sitting in heaven waiting for us to make a mistake.

What He’s really asking us to do is to adopt a new way of thinking. To change our focus and to become someone better than we were before. Someone who cares about the things He cares about.

Be Sacrificial

// Oct 9, 2011 // Bob Merritt

I've Had It

Ever had a day when you just want to throw your hands up and scream, “I’ve had it!”?

Maybe that’s every day. Whether it’s busyness, the people in your life, or even church, we’ve all reached our limit at one point or another.

Watch this series as we talk about what to do when you’ve HAD it.