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Love your enemies. You have to die to live. When you’re first you’re last. It sounds like backward thinking. But Jesus challenged us to think differently so that we can live differently.

Raising Amazing Kids

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s adults, so what does it take to make sure they get there healthy, whole, and grounded in faith?

Parenting is a relentless, often messy job. Sometimes it can feel like there are no rules or guidelines or direction–like you’re just living in the trenches with no back up. But God doesn’t leave us to parent alone. With His help and biblical advice, we can raise amazing kids. 

Watch this series as we look at what it takes to raise faith-filled, responsible, self-controlled, courageous, amazing kids. 

Baptism 2012

Jesus said, "Believe and be baptized." And that's exactly what those who chose to follow Him did. It's what we still do today. Baptism is a believer's way to show others that they are beginning a new life with Christ and that they are obedient to him. It's an outward sign of an inner change. At Eagle Brook's second annual in-service baptism on Feb. 4/5, we celebrated those who are taking this step into a new life!

What's the Difference?

Every week, millions of people all over the world gather to worship. But who or what are they worshipping? How are their faiths different from one another, and does it even matter?

Watch this series as we work through answering some big questions about our faith and how it differs from other religions.