Festival of Festiveness (Blaine Campus)

Festival of Festiveness (Blaine Campus)
Monday, December 17  //  Student Ministries

It's the biggest, best Christmas party of the year at Ground Zero and Revolution at our brand new Blaine campus!

Every year, we throw a huge party to celebrate Christmas with crazy games, great music, and a powerful message about Jesus.

For an extra level of fun, both Ground Zero and Revolution will celebrate all the festiveness in one joined large group service. It's going to be awesome.

There is no cost for this event and no need to register in advance, so just show up with your friends and get ready to have fun! Here are the details:

Monday, Dec. 17*

Free Admission

6:15 pm, Ground Zero Small Groups
7 pm, Large Group (GZ and Rev)
8:15 pm, Revolution Small Groups

*Wednesday, Dec. 12 for other Eagle Brook campuses.


Pick-up will be at 8 pm for Ground Zero and 9 pm for Revolution.