Young Adults at Eagle Brook Church


Young Adults

Let's get together!

Young adulthood is a pretty unique phase of life—it's exciting, confusing, hopeful, stressful...all of the things. As you're navigating all that and then some, having a space to gather together with other Christians in the same phase of life is HUGE.

You 18-29? Let's gather in community, get to know each other, and learn more about Jesus together.

The deets.

First gathering = August 26 // 7-9 pm

Where: Eagle Brook Church - Blaine

Who: Anyone ages 18*-29
(*must be out of high school)

What: Gatherings of Eagle Brook's young adult community that include time to connect, worship, learn, and grow together.

Why: Because it's time. :)


Baptism At Eagle Brook Church

How it all started...

More ways to connect:


Groups meet at various times throughout the year.

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