Day 4

As you trek across the icy wilderness, your strength and stamina will be challenged. There are lots of obstacles you might face in life. Fortunately, you don’t have to face them alone.


Build an Obstacle Course

Use what you have to make your own obstacles course! Make sure to ask your parents before using things around your house.

Indoor Ideas:

  • Use pillows or cushions as rocks to leap across a river.
  • Use chairs as fallen trees to crawl under.
  • Tape ribbons or streamers across a hallway to make a laser maze.
  • Use stairs as a cliff you have to leap up.
  • Use blankets as thin ice you have to crawl across.

Outdoor Ideas

  • Set up cans or bottles for target practice. You can’t move on until you knock them all down with tennis balls or snowballs!
  • Set up a balance challenge. Walk along a board on the ground, leap across rocks, or try having a snowball fight with a catch—you have to stand on one leg!

After your course is complete, time yourself. How quickly can you complete the course? See if you can get faster each time!


Read About It

Read the story in Mark 2:1-12. The friends in this story overcame some big obstacles in a creative way.

  • Imagine: How might you have felt if you were someone in the house listening to Jesus? What about if you were the person on the mat?
  • Why do you think the first thing Jesus did was tell the man, “I forgive you”?
  • When have you forgiven someone? Is there a time when you needed someone to forgive you?


Watch the Winter Camp at Home Show

Check out today’s video for more about God’s amazing forgiveness. You can also win a prize today! To find out how, make sure to watch the Winter Camp at Home Show all the way to the end.