Send A Note To Bob Merritt

Bob, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done and sacrificed for this church. You guys brought me back to church and re-started my walk with God and I will be forever grateful. You have always been my favorite and you will be greatly missed. #teambob.

—Jenna M., Lino Lakes Campus

Bob, your messages are so impactful that I leave in tears every time! Thank you for changing my life to accept the Lord as my savior! Good Luck and God Bless!

—Jack M., Woodbury Campus

Bob, I started attending Eagle Brook a little over a year but the impact you have had on my life is incredible. I feel like I am growing in my faith daily, and it is because of you. Thank you.

—Alyssa B., Lakeville Campus

I have attended Eagle Brook for 3 years. Before Eagle Brook, I never knew what it meant to have a family. Thank you for giving hope, love, and a place to worship. Good bless you!

—Kimberly W., Anoka Campus

I have never attended a service live but listen often. Your humble, raw/real, honest words have inspired me, challenged me and brought me closer to Jesus. Thank you for your service to the MN community and beyond.

—Jessica S., Online Attender

We feel extremely blessed that we had the opportunity to have you as our senior pastor. Your sense of humor, honesty and love for Jesus has had a huge impact on our lives. We will miss you but we are happy for you and your family—there will never be another Bob Merritt.

—Karen B., Anoka Campus

Our family started attending Eagle Brook about 10 years ago. Right from the start, I thought your teaching was amazing! I love your humor, sarcasm, and great love for Christ. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement.

—Laurie H., White Bear Lake Campus

Thank you Bob for helping turn my life around. I found Eagle Brook and Quest 180 at the perfect time. Your messages and steadfast love for your family have made a lasting impact on me and I will be forever grateful. Peace and joy for this next phase in life!

—Brian T., Lino Lakes Campus

Hey Bob. I just want to let you know that I am deeply grateful for your teaching and leadership of this amazing church. Love you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck in your new season. May God be with you in a new way you have yet to experience.

—Ryan S., Rochester Campus

Dear Bob, Thank you so much for your time with Eagle Brook Church. Your messages have continuously encouraged me to be a better person and have inspired my family to have a deeper connection with Christ.

—Olivia S., Online Attender

Thank you for opening the doors and hearts in Rochester. Your words are powerful and helped not only me but so many others find Christ. Thanks for all the years of hard work and dedication! Now go enjoy a hunting trip!

—Katie B., Rochester Campus

Bob, we are so happy for you on this next chapter! You have helped us change our lives, and your wise words will stay in our hearts. Take care and enjoy hunting, fishing and those beautiful grandbabies.

—Patti E., Spring Lake Park Campus

I love and respect your honesty and transparency. Never have I heard a pastor be quite as real as you are, and it is refreshing. Your messages have had a tremendous impact on our family, and I know it's not you but God speaking through you. Well done faithful one. Enjoy your retirement—you are missed already!

—Kathy B., Wayzata Campus

Hi Bob - Congratulations on your retirement! Thank you especially for providing inspiration and faith guidance to our college-aged daughters. At an age where our young adults drift away from their faith, your messages have brought them closer. Thank you and God bless.

—Nick and Karen M., White Bear Lake Campus

Thank you for making this church feel like home. You give amazing messages week in and week out. I am really going to miss hearing you speak on the weekends. Enjoy retirement!

—Carli C., Woodbury Campus

Bob, thank you for making me comfortable. Thank you for all the laughs, tears, and messages of empowerment! We will definitely miss you!

—Danielle H., Anoka Campus