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We'd love for you to join us this weekend at Spring Lake Park! I can't tell you what a thrill ride it's been to see how people are finding new life here. Already a vibrant church location with more than 1,500 attenders, the SLP campus makes a big church feel small.

If you want the opportunity to share in all that Eagle Brook has to offer but are looking for more intimate setting, this location is a great one to try. Get to know people, connect with God, and grow in your faith. We also have incredible kids' services! If you want a glimpse of what it looks like when you arrive, watch the video above, or visit our What to Expect page for a welcome from Senior Pastor Bob Merritt.
     —Steve Whicker, Spring Lake Park Campus Pastor

We believe small groups are the primary place to experience spiritual growth and transformation. It's also a great way to meet new people and form some new friendships. If you are interested in leading a group, sign up HERE. You can also browse open small groups on Group Finder.
Whether you are new to your faith, new to Eagle Brook, or looking to find out more about membership, Starting Point is a great place to begin. It's an online tool designed to meet you wherever you are and act as a starting point in helping you get connected at Eagle Brook and grow in your faith. Learn More >
Use your gifts and passions to serve others at Eagle Brook. Learn More >
Our campus partners work with the following local organizations to help those in need. They also provide serving opportunities for those looking to give of their time or resources:
  • Anoka CAN (Connect and Nourish) Deliver
    Serves homebound seniors, ages 62 and over. Program staff recruit volunteer drivers and match them to homebound seniors in the community. Drivers deliver food from the local food shelf to seniors on a monthly basis.
  • Bridging
    Bridging accepts furniture donations in order to provide furniture to those in need.
  • CEAP
    Accepts food, clothing and weekend packs in order to provide food and resources for transportation, housing and utilities, legal services, senior services, employment and those facing homelessness.
  • Hope 4 Youth
    Accepts food, clothing, meal and toiletries donations to help homeless, trafficked and vulnerable youth.
  • The Dwelling Place
    A transitional shelter providing safe housing and structured programming for battered women and their children.
new service times coming

We have recently evaluated the effectiveness of having services on Sundays only. We compared the results of our three Sunday afternoon services with the previous results of our two Saturday evening services. After nearly a year of investing in three new service times with a moderate response, it’s become clear that our Saturday afternoon services consistently reach more people than our Sunday afternoon services. Please take a moment to watch a video that explains the changes to the service times. The updated service times are listed below:

  • Beginning Saturday, Aug. 6
    Saturdays: 4 & 6 pm
    Sundays: 9 & 11 am, 2 pm
Frequently Asked Questions
While the current schedule opens seats for more people, fewer people than expected have made use of the open seats. Therefore, we’re relaunching services at times when more people are available to attend.
+ Sunday afternoons are the only option for me. What is my best option?
Eagle Brook offers Sunday afternoon services at 4 and 6 pm at our Blaine campus just a short distance from SLP. Please visit eaglebrookchurch.com for more information.
+ Do you foresee future service time changes?
Over the past three years the Spring Lake Park campus has tested a variety of service schedules so that we could address overflow issues and offer more seats. We don’t anticipate making further changes in the foreseeable future.
The Sunday 2 pm service continues to be one of our most attended Sunday afternoon service times. In addition, the Blaine campus offers 4 and 6 pm Sunday services. Keeping the 2 pm service allows us to make more options available to EBC attenders in the area.
Having one Sunday afternoon service will provide a great experience at a time when summer attendance typically drops considerably. And, it will make the best use of our volunteer’s time as we take steps to rebuild our Saturday volunteer teams.
No. The Sunday Only service model accomplished our goal of making more seats available at SLP and a moderate number of new attenders have made use of them. At the end of our ministry year, the facts show that we are more effective in accomplishing our mission with a Saturday/Sunday model of ministry.
Thank you for your support! Please pray for our campus and all of Eagle Brook Church, that we are filled with wisdom and grace as we move forward. Also, please encourage your friends, family and small group members to serve. We have multiple volunteer spots open with the relaunch of our Saturday services and we need more great volunteers like you!