September 2022 at Eagle Brook Church

September at
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Talking to the Ceiling


Sept. 3/4

Talking to the Ceiling | Week 3
How do I hear from God on a regular basis?

Wouldn't it be nice to get some divine direction on the regular? Hearing from God doesn't always have to come in moments of desperation—he cares about the details of your life, too. So...what does it look like to hear from God on your average Tuesday?

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Ever Wonder Why?


Sept. 10/11

Fall Kickoff Weekend
Ever Wonder Why? | Week 1

Why am I here?

If God made each of us on purpose for a purpose, it would be nice to know that you're on the right track, right? So, if you've ever wondered, "why am I here?"—this one's for you.

Plus, we're kicking off the year with some FUN! Don't miss it.

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Students Fall Kickoff


Sept. 14

Students Fall Kickoff

Middle + high school students, we literally *cannot wait* to have you back at your campus on Wednesday nights through the school year starting Sept. 14! We're gearing up for awesome worship, teaching, and small groups at every campus (oh, and hang time, of course). See you there—in person + on YouTube!

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Groups at Eagle Brook Church


Sept. 14

Groups Directory Opens

Something special happens in our lives—and our spiritual lives—when we're connected in community with other believers. Now's a great time to join a group for our fall session. Scroll through the fall Groups Directory and check out all of the options, both near you and online!

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Ever Wonder Why?


Sept. 17/18

Ever Wonder Why? | Week 2
Why did God let it happen? // Guest Speaker Lisa Harper

Why would a good God let bad things happen to good people? If he loves us, wouldn't he protect us? The question's weighty, and the answer is complex. Let's dive in together + find our way to the bottom of "why".

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Ever Wonder Why?

Sept. 24/25

Ever Wonder Why? | Week 3
Why can’t I stop?

Sometimes, things in life feel beyond our control—we're talking habits, addictions, sin patterns, etc. You want to break the cycle—how can you gain control of what feels uncontrollable, and where does faith fit in?

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Ever Wonder Why?

Peek into October:

Oct. 1/2

Ever Wonder Why? | Week 4
Why is it so hard to give?

Money money money. It's what makes the world go round—right? It's no wonder that when we need money, we work for it, and once we have it, it's work to give it up. But beware: what you gain from giving is more than financial, and it could surprise you.

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