One-on-One Care Resources

Day-to-Day Forms

  • Contact Log. Use this log to keep track of all your contacts with and from your care receiver. This will be reviewed at your supervisory group meetings.
  • Check-In Form. Ministers should complete this form for each supervisory meeting, unless they do not have a care receiver.
  • Supervision Group Notes. Use this form to take notes of your supervisory group member’s caring relationships. Your notes should help you to retain the history and the needs and be a source for you to refer back to for prayer and support of your team member and their care receiver.
  • Prayer Requests. Use this form to log any specific prayer requests of your care receiver or your supervisory group members.

In-Depth Reports: Use one of the forms below to prepare for your in-depth report. These reports are assigned in advance so you will have time to prepare.

  • Christian Care Report. Use this form when your focus is more on the spiritual relationship and the type of care you are giving. 
  • Progress Report. Use this form when your focus is on the caring relationship.