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I Believe In God, But...
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What's the Difference?

Every week, millions of people all over the world gather to worship. But who or what are they worshipping? How are their faiths different from one another, and does it even matter?

Watch this series as we work through answering some big questions about our faith and how it differs from other religions.

Christmas 2011

INKED: Some Things Don't Change

What would it be like if we knew there were things we could count on? In a world that is always changing, wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are some things that don’t?

God knew we’d need to know that some promises are forever, so he wrote them down. In ink. Promises like peace, direction, grace, hope, and protection. If you feel like these things are lacking in your life, the promise of them is there in scripture for us to cling to and count on. And these promises are permanent; they last forever.