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Helping Churches Prevail

At Eagle Brook, we know how the rigors of a 52-week-a-year ministry can keep you in reaction mode. If you're like a lot of church leaders, you've probably had many ideas and strategies that have been dreamed about, met about and even had mission statements drawn up for, but they've gone unimplemented or lost momentum before they reached their potential. 

That's where the Eagle Brook Association, a ministry of Eagle Brook Church, wants to help. The mission and purpose of the EBA is to help churches reach more people for Christ so that every church is a place that effectively connects people to a relationship with Christ. Our passion is taking great leadership practices, and showing other churches in the region HOW to implement them in meaningful ways that will infuse their church, staff and volunteers.  

Our main ways to facilitate implementation, transformation and bring out the potential within churches include:

  • Broadcasting Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit
  • Creating ongoing leadership networking and consulting support with other churches in the region
  • Providing leadership development for Eagle Brook staff and volunteers, and to pastors in five strategic mission areas around the world (Norway, Brazil, Ukraine, Mozambique, Ethiopia)

The EBA doesn't have any dues to pay; in fact, Eagle Brook's own congregation is financially supporting this effort to save the local church. 

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Dale Peterson, Executive Director

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