Ground Zero FAQs

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As a parent, you might be asking, "What is happening to my child when I drop them off at Ground Zero?!" You might be wondering how to get your student signed up for an event or involved in a small group. Or maybe you're just looking for some resources to help your student grow in their faith beyond Ground Zero. Whatever your question might be, we hope the tools and links below will help you out.

We want to reach students for Christ and provide opportunities for them to develop meaningful relationships with each other and Christ-following adults. 
We reach students through our weekly service on Wednesday nights, 7-8 pm, at all campuses. Each week consists of music, stage games, fun videos and relevant messages. We also provide opportunities for relationships to develop in optional small group environments from 6:15-7 pm.

We want students who have never stepped inside a church to feel comfortable at Ground Zero, and we want to create an environment that helps students develop an identity that's rooted in Jesus Christ. 
Registration is a no-cost, just-show-up process! However, once the student has attended once, we do ask them to fill out both a covenant form and a medical release form. This is easiest to do online. But, at any point, your student can show up on any given night to get registered. 
Absolutely. Just show up at 6 pm to get connected. 

There are inevitably some challenges for families with students in both Ground Zero and Revolution. Below are some creative solutions, some of which have been suggested by other parents facing the same challenge:


  1. Drop off both students for GZ small group time. The Rev student can SERVE in Ground Zero.
  2. Find a carpool option for one or the other student. Partner/carpool with families.
  3. Drop off GZ student, take your Rev student to a local coffee shop and chat for 30 minutes, then head over at check-in time.


  1. Find a carpool for one student and be the carpool for the other student and his/her friends.
  2. Pick up the GZ student and head to a local coffee shop to help him/her with homework and then head back to pick up your Rev student.

Because of the variance of campus space and facilities, some campuses have adopted certain solutions beyond what is listed above. Please check with your pastor of Student Ministries for other solutions. We believe that we can work together to find great solutions for you and your students! If you have any more creative solutions, please feel free to let us know so we can add it to the list! 

Some parents want to hang around the campus during Student Ministries for a number of reasons. Here is our policy for those parents:

  1. Everyone must wear a nametag. A parent who wants to hang out must check in at an info desk and wear a handwritten nametag.
  2. If a parent wants to hang out one or two nights (just to check things out), that’s fineas long as they wear a nametag and stay in open, common areas.
  3. If a parent hangs out two or more nights, the pastor of Student Ministries or high-level volunteer will approach them with the options to serve with Student Ministries or hang out at local coffee shops nearby.

If a parent has a circumstance or a strong desire to hang out every week, and does not want to/can’t serve for whatever reason, please talk to the pastor of Student Ministries. 

Every leader who serves at Ground Zero has been background-checked. Every small group leader goes through an intensive application process and is interviewed by the Student Ministries team. We place an extremely high value on only allowing top-quality, excellent, godly leaders into this ministry. You can always ask us for the names and contact information of your student's small group leader. We also ask that each small group leader work on developing a relationship with you so you both work together in the best interest of your student. In other words, you should get to know your student's small group leader! 
The short answer is no. The long answer is that we want your student to develop relationships with other Christ-following adults. You are the primary influence in your student's life, but at Ground Zero, we want students to find a web of relationships that will help shape their identities. 
Absolutely. We have a lot of parents who do so. In fact, we believe it is hugely beneficial for you, as a parent, to serve in this ministry. If you are considering serving as a small group leader or as a part of our Guest Services team, please visit Serve Finder.
It's free to attend weekly program nights. Other events (retreats, summer events, etc.) may vary in cost. 
Yes, we encourage you to engage in conversations about what your student is studying in small group environments and at large group! For the large group messages, visit our video archives. 

Student's Life Application Study Bible (NLT). Find it at Amazon or order one through the EBC bookstore. 
Honestly, they just need to come. And when possible, bring a friend along! We always appreciate phone calls or emails from parents giving us a heads up of a student who is more anxious than most. When we get these, we will find ways to make this student more comfortable on the night they come. But no matter how anxious or confident they are, we always ask new students to come to a Student Ministries info table where they are greeted by volunteers and other students and are given a free ticket for the cafe! 
One of the most exciting things our students find is the fact that Ground Zero has its own band! They are loud and they rock! So, to begin, Ground Zero is just a louder and larger environment. Other than that, we basically do "church" for middle school students (everything that's included on a weekend—singing, message, announcements and videos, but it's geared toward middle school students and includes a stage game!