Is it possible to catch a glimpse of Heaven here on earth?

We live in a broken world, where inequality, injustice, and pain run rampant. But what can we do? How can we make a difference? God calls us to show His love to the world around us—taking action where we see injustice, showing compassion where we see pain, spreading goodness where there is evil.

“Whatever you did for one of the
least of these brothers and sisters
of mine, you did for me.”
Matthew 25:40

When we give of our time and resources, spreading God’s kindness and love, we can show His hope to the world around us. Heaven may seem like it’s a long way off, but when we partner with God in His mission, we can help create a little bit of Heaven on earth.

Heaven on Earth: Series Recap

Heaven on Earth was a three-week message series from February 2018 that introduced what it would look like to partner with God in His mission to reach people, find tangible ways to serve others and give to those in need. Over the course of the series, we celebrated some incredible numbers:


Campus Partners

Every Eagle Brook campus has partnered with a local organization to reach the hurting and broken in our communities. Learn more about our campus partnerships below. For a list of additional resource partners, visit this page.

Global Partners

Watch the Series

Week 1 // Reaching People for Christ

There is a power in the name of Jesus Christ that isn’t found anywhere else in this world. And this power transforms lives—it’s what gives you a second chance, a fresh start. On the weekend of Feb. 10/11, Pastor Jason Strand challenged us to accept this free gift from God and experience the kind of life transformation that can only be found in Him.


Week 2 // Serving the Least of These

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the needs of others. What steps can we even take to help those who are suffering, sick, or in poverty? On Feb. 17/18, Senior Pastor Bob Merritt unpacked how simple it can be to serve and meet the needs of others and challenged us to serve in the local community. Because, when we do this, we are able to bring Heaven to Earth.


Week 3 // Giving to the Least of These

The Bible says that we will be enriched in every way so that we can always be generous. That’s a powerful promise, but do you believe it? Sometimes our own fears and insecurities dominate our lives, and generosity feels impossible. But now is the time to fight against these fears and remember that God gives us everything we need so that we can give to others. In this message, Pastor Jason Strand reminds us that when we live in this type of faith, our lives become the pathways to reach the least of these.