Closer Look Online

Take a closer look at Eagle Brook!

Whether you're brand new to our church or you've been attending for years, this class provides an opportunity to get further connected with Eagle Brook's online community, to dig into what makes us unique, and learn about where we are headed as a church.

Upcoming Classes

Offered on the first Sunday of every month (canceled on July 7). Next classes will be on Sunday, August 4.

10:05 am

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12:05 pm

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Closer Look Ground Rules

To ensure the best experience for this Closer Look class, here are some rules that we ask that you follow.

Use the chat bar!

There may be a lot of folks and most of this meeting is presentational. So if you have a question or comment or just want to say hi—use the chat bar!

Keep your mic muted when not speaking.

This helps everyone to stay focused and minimize distractions.

Be on time!

The meeting will last 45 minutes! Feel free to hop on the Facebook Group afterward to post any additional questions or discussions you’d like to have.

Watch your words.

No inflammatory or inappropriate comments or questions will be tolerated. If such is presented, you will be removed from the meeting.