Annual Report

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Eagle Brook Church exists to bring people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to draw them into a Christ-centered community, and to help them grow in their faith. That’s what drives every decision we make and guides every conversation we have. As a church, we are committed to continually growing in our five values: spending time with God, following Jesus, connecting in community, serving others, and living generously.

+ A Note From Senior Pastor Bob Merritt

For the past four weeks, I’ve been working on my next book. It’s based on Paul’s statement, “The old life is gone, the new has come.” Only the old life isn’t gone. I still sin. I still get angry, say things I shouldn’t, and make a mess of things. So, what’s gone? And what’s the new life really like?

I love the subject of this book, because it’s really the heartbeat of our church—helping as many people as we can leave the old life of sin and death and start living a new life of joy and peace in Christ.

And I’m so proud of all of you who continue to pray for, support, and get involved with what God is doing through our church. It’s been a year of records—more than 51,000 people came to our Easter services, which still makes me shake my head. We launched both Online Church and the Anoka campus, debt free—another head-shaker. And 3,330 people made the decision to follow Jesus, an all-time high.

There is no other place on the planet I’d rather be than right here, leading this church, at no other time in history, and with no other people than all of you. I look forward to our best year yet as we continue to follow hard after the One who leads and loves us all, Jesus Christ.

More blessed than I deserve,


Take a moment to view the annual report below and join us in celebrating what God continues to do at Eagle Brook Church.