Annual Report

Eagle Brook Church exists to bring people into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, to draw them into a Christ-centered community, and to help them grow in their faith. That’s what drives every decision we make and guides every conversation we have. As a church, we are committed to continually growing in our five values: spending time with God, following Jesus, connecting in community, serving others, and living generously.

+ A Note From Senior Pastor Bob Merritt

I’m reading through Deuteronomy for my daily devotions and Moses is instructing Joshua to lead the Israelites into the promised land. They’re standing beside the Jordan River and they can see the land they’re supposed to possess, but enemy nations stand in their way and must be fought and defeated. Really? Just cross the river and defeat fortified nations with whatever rakes and hoes they carried with them for 40 years across the desert? But then Moses says to Joshua: “Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God will fight for you.”

In the margin of my Bible I wrote “God will fight for us.” Our job is to trust and obey. Trust and obey. That’s hard when we face “enemies” or barriers that seem insurmountable. Here’s the thing: Our responsibility is to follow God into battle–the outcomes are up to him.

There have always been scary battles that we’ve had to fight through–lack of resources, staff shortages, internal conflict, zoning delays, affordable land and “When will you turn down the music???” We’ve heard it, fight it, agonize over it, never seem to resolve it. But that’s life. And that’s what I love about our church–we know there are battles to be fought every week, but as long as we trust God and obey him, he will always fight for us. The outcomes are up to him.

I love this church, love being the Sr. Pastor, and can’t wait see where God leads us this year.


Take a moment to view the annual report below and join us in celebrating what God continues to do at Eagle Brook Church. 


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