Eagle Brook Church

Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual growth never stops. It’s an ongoing process that includes prayer, worship,  Bible study and serving others. Whether you’ve just made the decision to follow Christ, are new to Eagle Brook or have been attending for years, we encourage you to take a step to grow in your faith.

Follow Christ

Choosing to follow Christ is the best and most important decision you'll ever make. You’ll experience purpose, peace, joy and a secured eternity in heaven through your relationship with Christ. If you've recently put your faith in Christ, let us know so we can celebrate with you and help you get started!

Take Starting Point

Whether you are new to your faith, new to Eagle Brook or looking to find out more about membership, Starting Point is a great place to begin. It's designed to meet you wherever you are and act as a starting point in helping you get connected at Eagle Brook and grow in your faith.


We believe baptism is the first step of obedience to God. Once you've made a decision to follow Christ, it's important to make a public declaration of your faith through baptism. It invites God's blessing on your life and declares your true identity with Christ. (Mark 16:16)

Read Your Bible

Grow in godly wisdom by reading your Bible on a daily basis. Reading the Bible regularly can seem a little daunting, so we've compiled easy-to-understand reading plans to help you stay on track.

Share Your Story

Everyone has a story worth sharing. Telling your story is a great way to reflect on your faith journey, and it might be the perfect way to reach your friends and family who are far from God. Take 30 seconds, three minutes or 30 min­utes to share your story with someone in your life. Or, tell us!