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Palm Sunday
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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday kicks off one of the most important weeks in the history of our faith and allows us to reflect and prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter.

Palm Sunday

// Apr 13, 2014 // Jason Strand

Happily Even After

Every love story has a happy beginning. You meet the one, the question is asked, someone says yes, and wedding bells ring. And then in a blink, the cake is cut, the dance floor empties, the sparklers fizzle out. The dress went into a box and the pictures into an album. So what does it look like to live happily, even after? After the I dos, after the mortgage, even after the kids and the in-laws. It takes effort to build a marriage that stays strong when things get real, but you can have the happily even after.

Have Fun

// Mar 30, 2014 // Bob Merritt

Fight Fair

// Mar 16, 2014 // Bob Merritt

The Micah Project

In Micah 6:8, we’re told to, “…act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.” The heart of The Micah Project is to empower people to seek justice for those who need it, to be merciful to those less fortunate, and to humbly answer God’s call to do whatever good we can with the blessings we’re given. It is our hope that those participating in The Micah Project will gain a new passion for being generous, not only with their money, but with their time and hearts, as well.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with some deserving and devoted organizations, this year. These Christian and secular nonprofits are already doing great work in their communities and are made up of some of Eagle Brook’s most trusted partners and friends. One hundred percent of all donations go to helping others; no administrative costs are subtracted.


// Mar 2, 2014 // Jason Strand


// Feb 23, 2014 // Bob Merritt


// Feb 16, 2014 // Bob Merritt

Baptism 2014

Jesus instructed, “Believe and be baptized,” (Mark 16:16) and that’s what those who chose to follow Jesus did. They got up and got in the water. It was that simple. And it’s still what we do, today.

On Feb. 8/9, as a family of believers, we celebrated and experienced baptism, together. Watch or listen to Senior Pastor Bob Merritt's message about faith and obedience. 


We carry around a lot of stuff—financial burdens, job worries, and emotional baggage. We're overtired, overstressed, and overextended. It's time to clear out the clutter and simplify. 

Get to Give

// Jan 26, 2014 // Jason Strand

Christmas 2013

“In your best and worst moments you can expect that the God who loves you will always be with you,” Senior Pastor Bob Merritt. 

The Christmas season is filled with expectations that don’t always match up with reality. Yet as we begin to understand who God is, we can begin to have more realistic expectations of what we should anticipate with him. This Christmas, we pray that God will exceed whatever expectations you may have.

Beat the Odds

Three out of four doctor visits are for stress-related ailments. 40 million adults struggle with anxiety. Nearly half of Americans are divorced. Life's not easy. Our jobs are tense, our days are long, our families are blended, and even though we're more connected than ever online, we're still lonely.

Just because the statistics are stacked against us, doesn't mean we have to accept them. You're more than just a number. You can beat the odds.


// Dec 15, 2013 // Jason Anderson

Acceptable Sins

Don't steal. (Check!)
Don't murder. (Check!)
Don't commit adultery. (Check!)
Some big sins are easier to avoid, but a little white lie? Gossiping about a coworker? Getting irritated and snapping at the barista when the line takes too long? What's the big deal?

Some sins may be more acceptable in society; they may be easier to hide,  and they’re not the sort of thing that would get you fired or cause others to think poorly of you, but they still damage our Spirit. In fact, these seemingly acceptable sins probably cause the most problems in our relationships on a daily basis. When we are able to recognize our sin as sineven the acceptable oneswe can trust God to set us free and to make us more like him. 


// Nov 24, 2013 // Bob Merritt