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"You are the worst. Why did you say that? You can't do anything right. No one really likes you, they just feel bad for you. You're stupid. Why would they hire you?" 

Sound familiar? At one time or another, we all have an internal dialogue that is straight up ugly. We feel insecure, paralyzed by what others might think about us, discouraged, or accused of things that are untrue. It's easy drown in the noise of those lies and forget what it is that God says about who we are. The only way to tune in to the voice of God is to tune out the noisy static of the world around us. 


// Aug 10, 2014 // Jason Strand

More than Happy

Everyone's on the pursuit of happiness. Some people look to their friends, some to their families to find it. Some devote themselves to work or chase adventures. Some cling to food, money, new clothes, or new gadgets to try to make them happy. But sometimes it feels like we can't find happiness no matter where we look. Or we find it and then it disappears just as quickly. But what if God had something more in mind? Is it possible that no matter what our situation we can have joy? That we can be even More than Happy?

This summer we'll study the book of Philippians and learn about choosing joy, no matter our circumstances. Let's learn what it looks like to be more than just happy.


When Jesus asked people to follow him, he didn't look at their job titles, GPAs, or bank accounts first. He didn't expect them to clean up, sober up, or wise up before they could be with him. He just invited them to follow.

Following Christ isn't about being religious or perfect. It's simply about following, one foot and one day at a time.

Easter 2014

Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we've been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven, and the future starts now! The day is coming when you'll have it all—life healed and whole. (1 Peter 1:3-5, MSG)

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday kicks off one of the most important weeks in the history of our faith and allows us to reflect and prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter.

Happily Even After

Every love story has a happy beginning. You meet the one, the question is asked, someone says yes, and wedding bells ring. And then in a blink, the cake is cut, the dance floor empties, the sparklers fizzle out. The dress went into a box and the pictures into an album. So what does it look like to live happily, even after? After the I dos, after the mortgage, even after the kids and the in-laws. It takes effort to build a marriage that stays strong when things get real, but you can have the happily even after.