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Easter 2015
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Four Questions Every Kid Needs Answered

Easter 2015


Good news travels quickly. In the book of Acts, Jesus' disciples gathered and set a fire of hope that has burned for centuries. His message is unstoppable. And believe it or not, there are parts of this earth that still haven't heard the Good News. But He'll continue using His people to build His church until everyone who seeks Hope finds it. His Church will never stop because He will never stop. 


With a new year comes another chance to do life better. In order to get better, we have to get stronger. Sometimes we're so busy trying to change the world, we don't think to change ourselves. And it's about more than self-help—it's about letting God change us from the inside out. He provides strength to the weary and develops our character so we can be better for each other. So we can lead our families well. So we can love people well. So we can make an impact in our communities. Join us at Eagle Brook Church and get Stronger.

Christmas 2014

The true Christmas story tells of a God who so loved this world that he sent his Son, Jesus, to live, die, and rise again, so that anyone who believes in him will also live, die, and rise again. Jesus left the glory and splendor of heaven to come into this world of hatred, sin, and death—just to save you and me. It’s crazy, out of the norm, not what you’d expect, but He loves us, and love does crazy things.

Crazy World

We live in a Crazy World. We might even feel crazy ourselves. We've got schedules we can't keep up with, bills we can't afford, sicknesses we can't heal, and family drama we can't avoid. This time of year can quickly become something to get through rather than a special time to savor. As we struggle to live well and find joy among the crazy—there is Hope. There is a Love so big and so bright, it reaches even the darkest parts of this Crazy World.

One by One Chapter 2

There are 3.5 million people living in the Twin Cities.
53% of them don't attend church. 
That's 1,846,250 people—the same people who pass you by in skyways, on highways, in classrooms and cubicles. 

Every number has a name.
Every name has a story.
Every story matters to God.

Because He's not done, we're not done. There's a hunger for Hope that can't be ignored and our hearts beat to bring the message of Jesus to those who need it. And there's no one we'd rather do this with than you. Let's make Jesus known—one name, one story, one person at a time. One by one.