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Raising The Bar
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Raising The Bar

The most influential teachers in our lives stick with us forever; the family member who cared for you, the coach who always believed in you, or the boss who inspired you to work hard. They advise, train and guide us to live fuller, more meaningful lives. But the greatest teacher of all, Jesus, raises the bar even more. Let's dive into the greatest message ever told and discover how it's still relevant to our lives today.

Dumb Things Christians Say

People have a lot to say, these days. On social media and among friends and family, we share opinions and advice freely. But sometimes Christians toss around statements that aren't exactly helpful or even biblically true.

The God I Wish You Knew

Sometimes people believe and say things about God that just aren't true—that he's bigoted, that the Bible is irrelevant, or that he's nothing but a mythical idea. While there are still many people who talk about how God answered their prayer, rescued them from addiction, or turned their family around. If people in our cities experienced God for who he truly is, they would want to know him. He's so much more than you think you know. Meet The God I Wish You Knew.